We are Passionate About Building Tools for the Classroom

We are very passionate on building awesome materials for classroom trainings, so we are dedicated in making a student  understand full concepts of programming and training.

Individual Online Learning

We have a awesome new program for every individual  online courses.

In this program every one who registered are eligible for getting full access to our online courses as part of our bonus online plan.where they can access material online from any part of the globe.

Classrooom Lessons

The offline classroom program at the institute.

We offer offline courses to students as a part of “Class room” program, where we take responsiblity of each and every person by givng training in an individual level.

Coding Camps

 Coding camps by the institute.

We offer coding camps, that are conducted by our institute both online and offline, which gives full scope and clarity to every student.

Technology  is in Our Blood

 Technology is our blood, we love learning and teaching technology to thw world so we have a selection of multiple number of courses which are technically strong and updated.

Our Instructors

 Our trainers are backbone on institute, so we make sure that we have the best trainers on the subject.

Trainers in our institute are very well trained and experienced, so they can deal every student with atmost concentration, and we have trainers from different background of technology so that we make sure every aspect of courses are covered.

Timothy Heiden

Spoken English

Celine Marie

Web Apps

Yashoda Kumari

Ms office

Bokka Durga Prasad

Auto cad & Tally

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Join the Revolution

You are welcome to join the technical revolution, where each individual can learn coding and techincal courses.

Free Courses

These courses are designed to make all aware of computer technology, and basic introduction to coding you can go through these courses online.

Premium Courses

These courses must be taken in our institute by our faculty and you can choose any course from given range.

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