C Programming 2months

C language is one of the oldest and standard language of all where it includes all features where one can start one’s programming career.

Chapter 1 : An Introduction to C

In this session the basic introduction to C is done and the one can know about the history of C.


Chapter 2 : Data types, constatnts and variables

These are the main concepts of C where one can call them heart of C. so after this chapter one can master these topics.


Chapter 3 : Preprocessor, arrays, strings

In this chapter you will learn concepts of arrays and strings which are also very important.


Chapter 4 : Structures and File handling.

In this chapter structure and arrays are taken care where one can become a good c programmer.


Chapter 5 : C++ Introduction

C++ is the introduction and extent of c language so after this chapter one can understand how c language works and how  c++ is operated.


Dasari Ravi Shankar Kumar

Instructor & Founder

Ravi sir is founder of Smart Technology who has good knowledge on all subjects that are in institute and who cares about the development of students so he also give some good personality development advices to students which helps them to grow in their life.

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