Java  3months

Java is a object oriented programming language which is mostly used so you are benefitted by learning this course in this time you will be master of this course.

Chapter 1 : An Introduction to the Basic Java.

Introduction to java and oops  concepts will be explained in this time so one can get complete understanding on java.

1 week

Chapter 2 : String handling and execption handling.

In this course both string handling and exeption handline are covered along with multi threading.

2 weeks

Chapter 3 : Synchronisation and INPUT-OUTPUT stream

In this chapter both input and output streams are taught along with AWT and Networking.

3 weeks

Chapter 4 : JDBC and Networking.

In this chapter JDBC and networking are covered along with applets and swing where all topics are covered with practise

1 week

Chapter 5 : Advanced JAVA

In this chapter advanced java is fully covered along with layout manager and new features that are added to JAVA.

1 week.

Dasari Ravi Shankar Kumar

Instructor & Founder

Ravi sir is founder of Smart Technology who has good knowledge on all subjects that are in institute and who cares about the development of students so he also give some good personality development advices to students which helps them to grow in their life.

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