Adobe photo shop is wonderful tool which is used largely to edit photos very beautifully. This tool gives you power of photo shop.

Chapter 1 : An Introduction to the Basic photoshot

Introduction is given in a brief about adobe photo shop and introducing new topics in photo shop.


Chapter 2 : Basic photo shop training

In this chapter you will learn basic photo shop editing like passport photo editing.


Chapter 3 : Banner desiging and Background changing

Banner design is crucial in adobe photoshop where you become master of banner designing.


Chapter 4 :Full photo designing

After learning this course you will become photo shop expert by designing full photo


Chapter 5 : Advanced photo shop editing

After completing of this chapter you will get to use to the adobe photo shop and edit like a pro where you can use  full out of adobe photo shop


Dasari Ravi Shankar Kumar

Instructor & Founder

Ravi sir is founder of Smart Technology who has good knowledge on all subjects that are in institute and who cares about the development of students so he also give some good personality development advices to students which helps them to grow in their life.

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