Choose a Plan that Works for You

We provide all plans that are always pocket friendly about your budget so choose your pan accordingly.

What you Get by Enrolling

We are not only pocket friendly but also are very different from many institutes in this area, so in our institute you get benefitted with these.

10+ Interactive Courses

We have 10+ interactive courses where any one can learn both online and offline. Which creates huge impact on how you see technology

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are very useful in learning something new only because they add value to the content by which one can have an better understanding on what they learn.

Coding Challenges

We conduct coding challenges every week and declare a winner from each challenge so that it becomes engaging to all.

New Monthly Content

New content is  added to our material every month which increases our global standards.

Coding Community

We maitain a coding community where one can join for free and participate in events such as hackaton.

Become an expert

By learning our computer courses you will definetly become an expert in programming or in technology, so we guarantee that you can aquire job in that given particular sector.


Here are some frequently asked questions so look for your doubt here.

How does the free courses work?

Free courses are a part of our mission to give technical knowledge to every one so one can access to free content on youtube where you will find minimal knowledge on courses.

How often do you release new content?

We always market updated which gives us advantage of getting more and more data from the technical world. so we are happy to say that we get updated immediately after some new content is released.

Do you offer personality Development?

We do offer personality development but it was not  part our program, we just give tips on how to be happy and teach some meditations.

What if I get stuck on a lesson?

We make sure that no one gets stucked at a place so we always take personal care and maked them understand from that level.

Free Courses

These courses are designed to make all aware of computer technology, and basic introduction to coding you can go through these courses online.

Premium Courses

These courses must be taken in our institute by our faculty and you can choose any course from given range.

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